miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010


Mashpedia  is a combination of a search engine and an encyclopedia. It's very simple to use, you just type in a search query and hit search.

The site will then generate a page of information links about your search topic. It collects information from multiple media and different sources from books, blogs , text images to video and even Twitter references.
Here are some possible reading / research tasks you could use which would work for most topics:

  • Get students to look at the information and use it to create a quiz on the topic. They find information that interests them and write questions to quiz the rest of the class.
  • Set students to find 5 - 10 facts about a topic. You could stipulate some of these need to be negative aspects and some positive to make it more challenging.
  • Get students to search the page and decide which of the sources it links to is the single most informative or interesting.
  • Get students to research a topic and create a multimedia poster about it using text, images and video embedded.
  • Get students to research a topic and create a short documentary or news report about it. If you have access to a video camera you could video their presentations.

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