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Text2Phonetics is a very handy site if you like to use phonemic script with your students. It can take a lot of the hard work out of transcribing text to phonetic symbols. You just paste in a short piece of text, click a button, and it does it for you.

You can then copy and paste the text into websites or documents.
Here's a few ways you might use it.
  • Get students to type example sentences using new vocabulary words and convert them to script.
  • Produce some sample sentences in script for your students to decode and read.
  • Produce some examples of script and the original text and add some pronunciation errors to the script and see if they can spot the errors.
  • Get students to translate short texts or sentences to script and then use the site to compare and check their own transcriptions.
  • Create transcribed versions of conversations or dialogue and get students to draw on the intonation patterns to show where the intonation rises or falls. You could actually use short exerts from film or TV scripts to do this and then find the clip on YouTube so they can listen to hear the intonation. Drew's Script-O-Rama is a good place to find TV scripts.

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